Do Over!

by starrsh1ne

Well I did not make it. Ugh. After four days I went on a binge for two days and then the night of the second day I caught my daughter’s stomach bug. So for one whole day I ate nothing and today I ate only about 1300 calories. I normally eat about 2200. I am hoping tomorrow my stomach will feel better and I am going to restart my 21 day challenge to myself. I ate non-vegan one day but that was because I am such a wuss. I ordered a tofu burrito with no sour cream and cheese and there was cheese and sour cream on it. I am too much of a wuss to send food back so I ate it. Then I had a whole chocolate bunny. I got sick that night and I don’t think I will be tempted to eat tofu or chocolate for quite a long time. Anyway tomorrow day 1. DO OVER!