Day One Over and Done

by starrsh1ne

Yesterday I was able to go all day without binge eating. It helped that I was so tired by the time my two year old went to bed at 9 that I passed out. She is teething and we are not sleeping too much at all. I am so tired and really just want a break to sleep. Plus PMS and a grumpy child seems to result in me yelling and then feeling guilty for about two weeks. Her dad was supposed to come see her this weekend which would have been really great but for unknown reasons he changed his mind the day before he was supposed to come down from Oregon. I do think that sleep deprivation plays a big role in my over eating. I tend not to feel the urge as badly when I am not so tired. Today has been good so far and we are going to lunch with my parents. I am just so ready to stop feeling this haze over my whole mind. I want to feel sharp and energetic. I want a life! One can dream.